Loved it!
Grace Becker via - Apr 24, 2018
Great find for hoover dam trip
Stopped in 4/19/2018 in the a.m. for breakfast prior to hoover dam visit from Las Vegas. Food is outstanding! Homemade banana bread to die for! Highly recommend the specialty dishes, all done to perfection!
spot522 via - Apr 23, 2018
Terrific meal and pie.
Simply put, one of the best mom and pop places to eat...period. We ordered the nachos with chorizo and it was excellent. Our waitress, Suzie, was all smiles and service. We will come back and ask for her.
TripleOldDude via - Apr 23, 2018
Great food and service.
Katrine Diehl via - Apr 23, 2018
Good food and good service. No complaints.
Al Santiago via - Apr 22, 2018
“Lovely Diner”
We visited the Southwest Diner on our way to the Hoover Dam & stopped for Breakfast! After looking at reviews on here! Very charming & traditional. The staff were very friendly, good menu selection, my husband & I had homemade corn beef hash! My coffee...More ... read more
azurekent via - Apr 22, 2018
Good food, nice people, great location.
Rudolph Scialo via - Apr 22, 2018
Good food, friendly staff, good service, great pies. 😀 ... read more
Dan Awabdy via - Apr 21, 2018
Very good breakfast ... read more
F V via - Apr 20, 2018
Great food and service!
Jessica C via - Apr 20, 2018
Excellent home town diner--everything ...
Excellent home town diner--everything is good on the menu...their banana bread and potatoes are unbelieveable as is their frisco burger and chicken nuggets.  They do it all well!  (Excellent friendly staff, especially Caleb!) ... read more
Zion C. via - Apr 20, 2018
Awesome food!!!!
Carol Sonneveld via - Apr 20, 2018
Yummy ... read more
Electrical Works via - Apr 19, 2018
Real good food ... read more
Larry J. Fletcher via - Apr 19, 2018
Great place for an early lunch on a sunny Saturday.
Emy Castaneda via - Apr 18, 2018
Save room for the PIE!!!
My mother, daughter and I stopped into this place for an early dinner after simply finding it along the way. All we can say is WOW. Everything was homemade, fresh and delicious. They had a varied menu with a good amount of Mexican favorites. We...More ... read more
NikkiD64 via - Apr 17, 2018
Best place ever!! The BLTA is one ...
Best place ever!! The BLTA is one of the best meals I've ever had. The staff is super friendly. The baking there is also very good.
Steve J. via - Apr 17, 2018
Food was good as well as the service. Nice big glasses of water were great.
T Thomason via - Apr 16, 2018
Absolutely amazing food and service ...
Absolutely amazing food and service. We came here yesterday after the Hoover Dam for brunch and had to come back for dinner from Luxor before we had back home tonight!
Valbona H. via - Apr 15, 2018
Very good corned beef hash. The ...
Very good corned beef hash. The banana bread is great too. Thus is our go to Boulder brunch. Couldn't tell you if every thing else is good. I get the same thing every time. No, wait, the pancakes are also good. We like to eat outside when the weather is nice.
Marc F. via - Apr 15, 2018
Nice Lunch after visiting the Dam
Ate lunch here after visiting the dam. Place is clean, service is good and it is a good value for the price. Bolder City is a beautiful city.
Duane B via - Apr 14, 2018
Excellent Homemade Meal
Excellent homemade meal. Portions are large and the food tasted fantastic. Service was a bit slow and it can be hard to find a table, but that shouldn't scare you away. Those potatoes were good, but a bit overhyped on here. The homemade banana nut...More ... read more
Steiner26 via - Apr 14, 2018
We chose to stop for dinner at Southwest Diner. Everyone loved their food! I enjoyed my BLT with avocado and cheesy tortilla soup. I also took a bite of kid's burger and enjoyed that too. We ended our meal with apple and blueberries pies. They were terrific!
Sunny Roland via - Apr 13, 2018
Great food, small diner, nice staff!
Andrew Cameron via - Apr 12, 2018
Wonderful lunch
Stopped in here for lunch. It was such a nice day, we opted to sit outside...we got the last table as the place was quite busy. I ordered the California sandwich....real Turkey (shredded) on toasted sourdough with cheese, tomato and a side of creamy cucumber...More ... read more
Kim G via - Apr 12, 2018
Had a good breakfast here.  Just ...
Had a good breakfast here.  Just eggs, bacon and hash browns, but it great! Service was also very good and the prices weren't too high.  I'd go back if I'm ever up that way again.
Dave C. via - Apr 11, 2018
Half mexican food and half traditional diner this place has something for everyone. Outdoor seating and super cool syrup bottles!
Ginger Gerdes via - Apr 11, 2018
WONDERFUL FOOD! The serving staff are like family. All the employees are super nice and friendly. We live e in Henderson, NV and come to Boulder City frequently to eat at the Southwest Diner! The desserts wild drive your taste buds crazy delicious! Thanks to everyone at the Southwest Diner... we'll be seeing again soon!
Michael Parker via - Apr 11, 2018
Good food and friendly service at this Boulder City gem.
Barbara Yumart via - Apr 10, 2018
Excellent home cooked breakfast, great selection and variety of foods available. Fast and friendly
Excellent home cooked breakfast, great selection and variety of foods available. Fast and friendly service. This now a place to take the trip to when I’m in Vegas.
Dan Hughley via - Apr 9, 2018
Some of the best food in Boulder City ... read more
John Baldwin via - Apr 9, 2018
Good food!
We stoped here for dinner after we rented a boat and cruised Lake Mead. We were all please with our orders, the meals were delicious! The prices were reasonable. There was a old restored 1937 Ford pickup out front on display, a nice added touch.
Gary G via - Apr 9, 2018
Great tasting food . ..... that's all you need to know . Oh and your dog can sit outside with you w
Great tasting food . ..... that's all you need to know . Oh and your dog can sit outside with you while you watch old cars and people drive by ... read more
Jeramy Grajiola via - Apr 9, 2018
It’s been more than 4 month since my visit in this fine restaurant. I had the breakfast burrito. I was not that hungry but I had to eat since it was lunch time. Well the burrito was so good that my appetite came back and I was able to finish it completely. Can’t wait to come back and get my breakfast burrito ... read more
jonathan salaun via - Apr 9, 2018
Super friendly staff, excellent food! Will definitely stop again!
Super friendly staff, excellent food! Will definitely stop again!
Tim Myers via - Apr 8, 2018
Great food and service. Friendly place to visit and great when looking for a meal that is not fast food!
Shannon via - Apr 8, 2018
Pricey Tacos
2 tacos rice beans and side salad ran $15 (drank water). Albeit was tasty but was hoping for more taco meat / larger tacos. I was hungry and it filled me up. Service was attentive. Seemed to have quite a crowd on a random Wednesday.
Aaron F via - Apr 8, 2018
Good foodGood serviceGreat peopleRepeat ...
Good foodGood serviceGreat peopleRepeat for sureAll the items on the menu are good. Its old fashioned good food.
Jagdish I. via - Apr 8, 2018
good food ... read more
Don Barrie via - Apr 6, 2018
Nice cozy breakfast
Food was good, reasonably priced and the staff was courteous. Order didn't take too long either. Cute decor makes you feel like you've stepped back a few decades.
kevinlaslie via - Apr 6, 2018
Love this place. Good service. The staff is always friendly and the food is always good!
Mark Holly via - Apr 5, 2018
Great food and extremely friendly service! I had the meatloaf, bacon potato soup, and cornbread. So very filling and delicious. Highly recommend to anyone!
michael jarosh via - Apr 5, 2018
We spent ages driving round looking for breakfast on the way to the Hoover Dam.. We discovered this
We spent ages driving round looking for breakfast on the way to the Hoover Dam.. We discovered this Gem... Staff are so welcoming even though they were so busy... Thank you for your hospitality such a lovely quirky place love it and the plant pot coffee mug.. if you’re in the are I recommend...we come from Yorkshire in the UK � � ... read more
Tracey Anderson via - Apr 4, 2018
The rustic ambiance of this little diner was fun for the whole crew, and the portions were definitely worth the money for adults and kids alike. Among the various food styles we ordered that evening (Mexican, Italian, and Breakfast), everyone was satisfied. Great food! Oh, and the pie - nothing but goodness!!!
Dallon Holmes via - Apr 3, 2018
Lunch with kids
We were tickled pink to find this wonderful restaurant. We are a family of four traveling to/from the Hoover Dam. We stopped here to find an amazingly cute and charming restaurant. We were seated immediately despite being very busy. Our drinks and food came quickly....More ... read more
UroDocSam via - Apr 3, 2018
Tasty breakfast.
Edward Poling via - Apr 3, 2018
Great food!
Ramona Nelson via - Apr 2, 2018
The food was so good!
Stuart Hellman via - Apr 1, 2018
We came for breakfast
This was our first stop on our trip from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam. It was delicious. We had breakfast but they serve everything always I believe. Even my picky eaters liked it.
Melissa G via - Apr 1, 2018
The service we got there was great ...
The service we got there was great. The food was well worth it's price. The food taste was very good. The time it took to get our food? WoW. Impressive!  Very quick. Talk about good food,prices and service with a smile .  I really like this place. I sat outside first breakfast. Then took my wife with me next day for breakfast. Both t ... read more
Dave M. via - Apr 1, 2018
Stopped in on our way to Flagstaff ...
Stopped in on our way to Flagstaff.  Wanted a local place.  This fit the bill.Food was good and the prices were reasonable.  I had the chili burger and the wife had the avocado BLT.  Sit outside and enjoy the weather.Best damn restaurant by a dam site.
John M. via - Apr 1, 2018
The coconut cream pie is by far the best pie I have ever eaten, our family ate there several times
The coconut cream pie is by far the best pie I have ever eaten, our family ate there several times while on vacation last week and each menu item was great. No complaints will stop by again when we are out that way.
Jason Hufford via - Apr 1, 2018
Great food and service ... read more
chris hawkins via - Mar 31, 2018
Loved sitting outside the patio on a beautiful Friday afternoon while eating my sandwich which was
Loved sitting outside the patio on a beautiful Friday afternoon while eating my sandwich which was very savory and filling.
Liliana Arteaga via - Mar 30, 2018
Good food, usual pricing $10.00 to $15.00 spent is more than enough for one person. Service is pretty good. You won't sit alone very long before somebody looks to see how they can serve you. Good place to eat.
Monie Capone via - Mar 29, 2018
The Grits are to die for and the Pie is Heavenly, what more could someone ask for!
Mikael Mikkelsen via - Mar 29, 2018
Great food, very large portions, friendly staff and prompt service. Wasn't crazy about "Those Potatoes " though...
Paul Mitchell via - Mar 29, 2018
First stop after Vegas is a welcome surprise
We left Vegas tired of the rat race, high prices, and substandard food, and were starving by the time we arrived in Boulder City. We saw the Southwest Diner, pulled in a parking space right out front, and went in with low empty stomachs and...More ... read more
K P via - Mar 29, 2018
TERRY STOLZ via - Mar 26, 2018
Very good place ... read more
Jesse Ryan via - Mar 24, 2018
This place has an amazingly huge ...
This place has an amazingly huge menu! And we haven't found anything they don't do well. My new favorite is the flautas. Crispy, tender and tasty. Drinks are huge; in large mason jar glasses. Breakfast as always good. You must try this place!
Gayle S. via - Mar 24, 2018
Great food with great service ... read more
Greg Farster via - Mar 24, 2018
I went there in a large group, and all of us loved it! Great food and great service.
Kian McIntosh via - Mar 23, 2018
good food and good people ... read more
Marissa Duran via - Mar 22, 2018
Very good diner that I keep coming back to. Place has Mexican, diner style food, breakfast, and pie. They make a damn good burger. Service is good, but place can get a little cramped.
Ryan Z via - Mar 22, 2018
Great homemade food, friendly staff. We stayed at the Best Western across the street for 4 nights over a 3 week period and enjoyed the diner for our breakfast every day. But don't forget to have dinner there or go for a coffee and pie. The place has a good atmosphere combined with good food, making you come back again and again ... read more
Vincent Ouwehand via - Mar 21, 2018
Great, homemade food. Over the course of 3 weeks we visited the Best Western across the road for a
Great, homemade food. Over the course of 3 weeks we visited the Best Western across the road for a total of 4 nights. We did breakfast here everyday and dinner twice and it was worth it. The food is great, the staff is super friendly and the place has a nice atmosphere. So, for good food go here, you won't be disappointed.
Bazzek Oliadar via - Mar 21, 2018
Busy....locals like the food. Atmosphere is dated. On good days you can sit outside and eat. Food is homemade and served in country plates or baskets. PIE...oh yes....homemade and delicious.
Jean Boadle via - Mar 21, 2018
Very good food and reasonable priced. Cute little place and friendly staff.
Robin Kass via - Mar 20, 2018
What a great find, do yourself a favor!!
Fantastic! Food A1, location, service, staff..excellent! Brunch w~ mates on return from Hoover Dam & stumbled across, Glad we did!
Steve L via - Mar 20, 2018
We love this little cozy place, we live in Las Vegas and we go there at least twice a month after c
We love this little cozy place, we live in Las Vegas and we go there at least twice a month after church on Sunday’s and even my daughter ask us to take her their for lunch and she is 7 years old and we understand that if the place is busy, is because the food is great 👍.
Alfredo Olarte Champion via - Mar 20, 2018
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